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100 Years of the Gmunden Site – From the Foundation to a Global Player

The core competence of the company is the knowledge of the production of ceramics. For 130 years – exactly 100 of them with production in Gmunden – the oldest plastic material of mankind has been processed into pioneering sanitary products under the LAUFEN brand – in ultra-modern plants and with the legendary precision of a company with Swiss and Austrian roots. The expertise in ceramics has developed into know-how for the complete bathroom, which LAUFEN creates at the highest design level. What makes LAUFEN products unique at first glance is the timeless design as a union of two important design trends: Emotional Italian design from the south combined with the precision and clarity of the design tradition from the north.

As a company that manufactures products for the careful use of the precious resource water, LAUFEN feels obliged to protect the natural basis of life. LAUFEN therefore attaches great importance to environmentally friendly production.

The premium brand LAUFEN under the brand umbrella of ROCA (Barcelona) is one of the leading international manufacturers with worldwide distribution.