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Bioregional Assembly Gmunden

Bioregional Assembly Gmunden (BAG) is a multi-year case study addressing material resources and waste streams in the region. Production processes are analyzed and from their waste and naturally occurring raw materials. Material prototypes developed. These new materials are collected in a “materials library” and presented to the public. Selected designers develop concrete applications for architecture and industry.

The goal is a sustainable circular economy that is rooted in the region and reduces dependence on regional supply chains. Regional companies such as LAUFEN Austria AG, Salinen Austria AG and a local brewery will be involved, as will the agricultural education center, the Waldcampus forestry training center and local catering and craft businesses such as cabinetmakers, glassblowers, etc. The project is being led by the French research laboratory Atelier Luma, an interdisciplinary think tank comprising designers, artists, biologists and engineers.